Raising Up Leaders

The mission of the Next Generation Leadership Initiative is to discoverdevelop, and deploy leaders and ministry resources for the Anglican Church in North America.

Next Generation

In the next decade, a significant number of our existing clergy will retire, and we currently do not have a sufficient amount of young, talented leaders to replace them or to start new ministries.


Our network leaders are focused on raising leaders to bridge the significant gaps in the current outreach of the ACNA where we do not have an organized presence or unified vision.


Archbishop Foley Beach has established six ministry priorities to serve those at the local level by coming alongside them with support, resources, and networking. NGLI is one of these 6 prioritized areas of ministry.

Next Generation Leadership Initiative is a key ministry of the Anglican Church in North America, a church that is faithful to the Great Tradition, just in its concern for the needy, and as multi-ethnic as the Kingdom is.

Our Networks


Working to build communities of belonging among individuals with and without disabilities in parishes across the ACNA


Increasing the ethnic diversity of clergy for the sake of evangelism to all and authentic gospel witness


Developing and providing tools for family discipleship to parishes and dioceses


Working to see generations of students formed in Christ awakening churches, communities, and cultures


Equipping lay and ordained women in the gifts, knowledge, and skills God has given them to confidently lead in their context of ministry

Latest Articles

Luminous Parish CG

Luminous Parish CG

Ministry leaders at Luminous Parish in Franklin, Tennessee wanted to find a form of lectionary rhythmic study that would be formative, have an Anglican framework, and be developmentally appropriate for their students. As they considered the needs of the young people...

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Caring for and discipling high school students

Caring for and discipling high school students

The Champion Grant allows churches to answer their “what if” questions and “how might we” wonderings with new or expanded ministry ideas. In coming alongside Anglican student ministries with financial support, we are seeing students formed into the likeness of Christ....

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Every Tribe and Nation

Every Tribe and Nation

The Champion Grant exists to come alongside student ministry champions with financial support for their ministry ideas. Some of the most encouraging stories we hear from churches in our province come from students who begin new projects or ministries. At Christ the...

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