The Next Generation Leadership Initiative (NGLI), through the Anglican Church in North America, assists leaders in their journey to combat challenges and avoid working alone. NGLI has multiple Leadership Networks, which are groups designed to face challenges according to age/people group, as well as individual or team coaching, and leadership conferences.

NGLI offers a variety of ways to discover new resources and people, develop in your own leadership, and deploy new programs, people, and processes in your ministry setting:

  • Leadership Networks
    Get your ministry leaders connected to our Leadership Networks. A conversation with the Leadership Network Director will ensure you have access to resources as well as others in your immediate field facing the same challenges who can encourage and inspire you in an Anglican context.
  • Individual Coaching
    Consider how you might develop as leaders. Are you stuck or overwhelmed? Do you long for more fruit in your ministry? How is your own spiritual formation? Are you developing leaders from those on your team or those coming behind you?
  • Team Coaching
    Team coaching is different from individual coaching, though there are many things leaders learn about themselves individually along the way. How well is your team working together? Do they have buy-in for your values? Do they understand what is being asked of them? How well are you coaching them to accomplish their goals?
  • Leadership Conferences
    Conferences, when presented effectively, can produce exponential gains in fruitful ministry. Getting together offers networking opportunities, practical workshops for real ministry, and encouragement for our souls.

Many of us have probably participated in elements like those listed above, but perhaps none through an Anglican context. Join the leadership development movement that is part of the Anglican Church in North America. Help us raise leaders for the next generation of the ACNA.