The AcLN Training team provides training resources for churches to build communities of belonging and make accommodations for individuals with and without disabilities.

Belonging involves reciprocal relationships of growing together and mutually serving to build up the local body of believers.

Below are some past workshop video and PowerPoint presentations. We hope you find them helpful in your church. If you would like for us to help you with a training for your church or Diocese, please email Kathy Ayres.

Video from our recorded workshops

Imago Dei – Access – Oct 2023

People who live with autism experience the world in unique ways.
Their voices and gifts are needed in the church to help us experience the full beauty and scope of the Imago Dei – the Image of God.

Join disabilities researcher Dr. Erik Carter as he moderates a Zoom panel with two people on the spectrum and the parent of a child on the spectrum and consider how churches can create communities of belonging where their voices and experiences are heard and valued.

This event was co-sponsored by the Women’s and Access Leadership
Networks, which are part of the Next Generation Leadership Initiative.

The panel discusses these six questions:
(perhaps make these are numbered tiles, and the questions appear when you click on them or hover over them. Be sure the font is readable for low vision folks, ie. no competing background photo or faded number symbol; – good contrast between background and font)

1. How are people with disabilities currently participating in your church and contributing to the vitality of the community? Are there more ways you hope to serve God and contribute to the parish ministry?

2. Have you noticed attitudinal barriers for people with disabilities in your parish, or Anglican parishes in general, and if so, how do you think this might be overcome?

3. What insights have you learned about God, and yourself, through your experiences as a neurodiverse person or your experience living with someone, who is on the autism spectrum?

4. What do you wish you had known earlier in life as a person with
autism? What do you wish others better understood?

5. Are people with disabilities in your parish treated as disciples and not just objects of charity? What does it mean to really belong?

6. As Anglicans, we have a liturgy that appeals to all senses. What are ways that people with disabilities can be visible participants in the liturgy even if they require support?

Watch the video on Vimeo here.

Slide Presentations

2022 New Wineskins MAP Talk

2022 New Wineskins MAP Talk

2022 GAD Synod Workshop