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Check out these past meetings of the SLN via Zoom!

Photo of Andrew WilliamsA Conversation with Bishop Andrew Williams

In September, the Student Leadership Network met with Bishop Andrew Williams from the Anglican Diocese in New England to learn about his heart for the emerging generation and hear wisdom for student ministry leaders. Listen to Bishop Williams share words of encouragement and why he believes raising up the next generation is a vital mission for the whole church.

A Conversation with Andy Crouch

The Student and Family Leadership Networks recently hosted a call with Andy Crouch about technology and formation. Listen to our conversation, and glean encouragement on how we can engage technology thoughtfully and wisely in our lives and provide guidance to others to do the same.

Part Three: Household Leaders

One of the values of the Student Leadership Network is household faith: affirming the central role of households in student discipleship and calling the entire church to support them. Here, Andy Crouch gives one piece of encouragement we can give to household leaders as they examine the role of technology in the home.

Part Two: Human Flourishing

Andy Crouch recently joined the Student and Family Leadership Networks for a conversation about technology and formation. As we seek to help young people flourish, we should keep in mind the life to which we are all called.

Part One: The Dream of the Technological Age

The Student and Family Leadership Networks recently hosted a call with Andy Crouch. Hear Andy’s thoughts on the dream of the technological age – something that is directly impacting the formation of young people. Read more about this in Andy’s newest book: The Life We’re Looking For.

Life Ready Resource

March 13, 2023

A conversation about creative ways we can meet students we’ve never met before and support students holistically.

Sending Students

February 2023

How are we sending students out with the love of the Father?

Hosting Interns

December 12, 2022

In this SLN monthly gathering, members of the SLN team share their thoughts on hosting interns with a particular focus on summer student ministry interns.

“I have really enjoyed participating in these monthly Zoom calls with other youth leaders! It’s been a breath of fresh air, reminding me I’m not alone in youth ministry. I’ve appreciated the connections I’ve made with other youth ministers in the Province. And it’s nice to have a chance to reflect on how I’m doing and share that with others in a non-threatening, safe environment.”

Summer Fariñas

Director of Youth Ministries, Truro Anglican Church

Youth Ministry as Mission

October 10, 2022

The SLN was joined by Dr. Brian Hull, the Director of Youth Becoming Leaders and our key partner for the Archbishop’s School for Young Leaders. We discussed new insights about Gen Z and found that we are not alone in our efforts to care for and lead young people to Christ.

Meeting New Students

September 12, 2022

How do we befriend young people? What are practical ways we can meet students and what are some of the challenges we’ll face? These questions are all discussed here in this recording.

Anglican Student Ministry with Archbishop Foley Beach

August 8, 2022

The SLN was joined by Archbishop Beach to share stories of how God is at work in the lives of young people, to encourage each other through difficulty in student ministry, and to receive a blessing at the start of a new school year.

Soul Care for Leaders

May 9, 2022

This month featured a discussion around the importance of soul care for leaders and dove into some practices around soul care.

Youth Alpha with Jordan Biere

April 11, 2022

The SLN was joined by Jordan Biere, the national director of Youth Alpha (USA). We focused primarily on evangelism to Gen Z and the particularities of this generation.

Ministry to Emerging Adults with Dr. Steve Argue

March 14, 2022

The SLN was joined by Dr. Steve Argue, author of Young Adult Ministry Now and associate professor at Fuller Seminary. This discussion focused on equipping youth leaders and parents before times of transition, and more specifically, the transition out of high school.

Archbishop’s School for Young Leaders with Dr. Brian Hull

February 14, 2022

This gathering focused on an in-depth look at the Archbishop’s School for Young Leaders, including answering practical questions. This could also be shared with students or parents who are considering ASYL.

Engaging Young People in Mission with Henry Covert, Jay Baylor, and Philip Walkley

December 13, 2021

Student Leadership Network Gathering focused on engaging young people in mission.