NGLI Partnership

NGLI already supports over 300 churches across the province. We want to be a better, more comprehensive partner to you. Here is what we mean by partnership with a church:

  • It starts with a Person: A real, local, relational connection. Churches will receive an NGLI contact person to connect with your church champion for all things NGLI. We advocate for you, and your local leader advocates for leadership vitality within the church.
  • Continues through Presence: Through your champion, staff and clergy, and other leaders, stay connected to NGLI though monthly network video gatherings, network specific communications, and joining in-person gatherings. NGLI will honor you as a partner though our prayer meetings, and website. And you are welcome to invite a NGLI team member to speak, coach, or otherwise support your church directly. 
  • Sustained by Prayer: Each Ember Day (4 times a year) NGLI will pray for your church at our prayer meetings and be prayed for by our NGLI team each month. We ask that our partner churches pray for leaders in the ACNA and for NGLI in their Prayers of the People once a month.
  • Provided for generously: Provision is mutual, as well. We have grants to support your work and ask that churches financially support the work of NGLI. Start with $100 each month and see how the fruit of generosity is experienced! Beyond financial provision, use NGLI’s resources and tools for free. 
  • To see a Plan achieved: We hope to see your church thriving, making disciples, shaping your community, while expressing and experiencing the goodness of Jesus. Each church partner will work with NGLI to craft or clarify plans to make disciples and raise leaders through a free annual coaching session. 

Church partnership with NGLI starts with a person, continues through presence, sustained by prayer, provided for generously and sees plans achieved. 


  • Your church’s Prayers of the People
  • Ember Day Gatherings for Prayer
  • Partner Churches shared in NGLI communication to receive prayer



  • Monthly Gatherings
  • Slack
  • In Person Gathering
  • “Liaison” with NGLI or an NGLI Network
  • Aware of various church size dynamics/overload
  • Honored on website (partner churches on NGLI website and churches mention NGLI as a partner church)


(Financial Interaction)

  • Both giving to and receiving from NGLI (reciprocal giving)
  • Resources (content, curricular, speakers, cohorts, and Network Gatherings)



  • The action is in the local church
  • 1 coaching session annually to support your church in clarifying goals and receiving actionable support


(A local relational connection fostering connection between the church and NGLI)

  • Advocating for the church to NGLI
  • Advocating to the church how NGLI can support