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Image of Christ at the table with disciples. Text is "Share the Feast."

Share the Feast

Share the Feast is a resource to help church leaders facilitate an interactive, two-hour class for elementary children and their parents. Children who already receive communion, those who are preparing to, and those whose families are new and curious about sacraments in the Anglican Way are all welcome to participate. This resource deepens understanding of and reverence for the gift of the Church’s family meal. Prepare for the Feast (below) extends the learning for families at home.

Target group: Children in Grades 1-5, with parents, godparents, caregivers

Image of Christ at the table with disciples. Text is "Prepare for the Feast."

Prepare for the Feast

Prepare for the Feast is a resource that explores ways children can be ready to meet Jesus at the table each week through inward preparation, as well as in service to others. This lesson takes about one hour, including time to make communion bread together.

Target group: Families with elementary-aged children